Ranting – Re enlightened to realize, we’re just barking mad. That says it all really.

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Sometimes I wonder if I misjudge the point of it all. The things we are asked to do for our own good, I often wonder who has the bag full of easy options. Is it locked up in a museum and guarded 24/7? Recently I have been on the RANTpage. Love a play on words, don’t you? Becoming the person I usually find myself moaning about.

I have this weird notion that people think I am positive about most things, Lauren, who is known to have this ability to go with the flow. One of my friends remarked that she often felt intrigued about what it must be like to live inside the head of Lauren Staton. I have no idea either, I thought. It is a whirly place sometimes with unicorns and rainbows. However, just occasionally some niggly nerdy unlogical problem sends me nuts and screaming unapologetically out loud. I have no rhyme or reason to understand why, but I think It happens to us all.

Lockdown problems.

I hate being faced with problems that have no solutions, and the more you try to come up with one, the deeper the hole you dig. I have taken a deep breath over Covid restrictions, (excuse the pun) I have refrained from getting angry about stuff I can do little about. My survival Covid list goes something like this.

Cannot Travel. Great opportunity to stay at home and SAVE MONEY.

Cannot go out to restaurants Great opportunity to eat less and SAVE MONEY.

Cannot go and see my family, SAVE EVEN MORE MONEY as kids can be an expensive item.

Huge life changing restrictions right? I should have more money in the bank, but sadly NO. I am spending it on something and I am not sure where it is trickling to.

So here is my RANT as I am on a mission to save some money (for when I can go traveling again)

My rant is about POST BOXES.

In Spain, I have a small post box at the end of my street amongst lots of other post boxes. I hardly ever use it as most of my correspondence comes by email. I have never had to pay for it because it came free when I bought my house. Driving past it the other day I realised they have all been replaced by new boxes. You would not think that this was a problem, except I did not know the number of my original box. I only knew it because it was in the first row, three boxes high and it had a sticker on it.

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‘You have to go to the town hall’ a friend tells me. None of the addresses were mine so now I am in a TIZZ., and I do not know where my post is. I explained to the uninterested clerk, she told me twice this was not her job, which I found strange because she was working there. Anyhow she politely explained I now needed to fill in a form, my pet hate and give her my bank details.

Deep breath, cold sweat…….. 80 Euros a year she said. I wanted to say, ‘Ah do not worry, I need my money to go traveling, I won’t bother as I only use the post box a couple of times a year’ My problem – I had a sneaky feeling my new driving license was in there. Bum! No easy option, I will just have to cough up. Cough cough!

As I gave her my card she finished by adding there is an extra 3 Euro charge for maintaining the box. It is like the final straw. I know it is only 3 euros but what are they going to do, polish it once a month. I smiled back at her with that look, revenge I will get revenge.

On a positive note, maybe, as I am now paying for it, I will need to use it. I will manifest the action of receiving birthday cards. It is my birthday on 29th June, only a couple of weeks and so here is my new address. Lauren Staton Camino Lliber No. 10 Jalon 03727. This postal address is only for cards, not bills. I intend the post office to work for my 80 Euros. My friends will be shaking their heads and to encourage you, you will be mentioned in the post office honors list.

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Many people use social media to have a rant, there are even Facebook pages set up to name and shame, something I have never wanted to write on. For me it is the things that happen to us that are beyond our control. Have your RANT then let it go, which is why I am moving on.

Another event !

I am so excited that I am helping to organise another event in the Jalon Valley, Costa Blanca Spain. This place is really worth a visit. Valley people are a great mix and want you to experience this place. The event has the speaker Niamh OSheehan, a remarkable lady who walked the Camino de Santiago with her young son and raised a lot of money for charity.

I also walked the route from Porto to Santiago two years ago completing 275k. At the end I felt amazing even though I moaned and complained along the way. The poem below is my rant on the Camino. Hope it makes you laugh.

Suffer the sufferers, who walk Stoney ground,
Suffer the walk the long way round,
Suffer the hill and suffer the climb,
Suffer the gravel, grit dust, and grime.,
Suffer the heat suffer sore feet
Suffer the bliss of a good night’s sleep.
Oh look up ahead and walk up again,
And now it is raining so suffer again,
Suffer the ache in your ankle and bum,
Suffer the bloating that comes from your tum.
Suffer the climb to the top of your bunk,, 
Suffer your shoes that smell like a skunk, 
Suffer the hippy who thinks he is right,
When really you know it’s a pile of shite.
And out comes the sun, it is scorching and hot,
The lost are a losing,
And I have forgot,
The reason I’m walking
And talking a lot
I need to be grateful and think of my lot.
You could meet your maker, meet god on the path,
Then make a quick video to make us all laugh.
The found are they founded,
I’ve lost all belief.
It’s all a mush mash,
And I can’t feel my feet.
But give me my due,
I am looking for signs, 
But the ones I am shown are the ones that say wine.,,
So suffer the pilgrim who comes unto me
I will show you the light and help you to see
I with lend you my torch if you need to pee.
And on the subject of peeing,
We are getting quite good,
When you need to go,
And pee in the wood.
But first, you must suffer, It’s to do with your sin 
and I’m still not quite sure as I’m sipping some gin.
There’s no reason or rhyme, we do what we do,
And as for the universe,
it hasn’t a clue. 
My sufferings done
I want to go home
To a big comfy bed and a charged mobile phone.
The sufferings sorted, I promise I’m good
I have Walked the Camino
Is that understood?
I’ve done it and proud as they give us a stamp, 
But my backpack. T-shirt and knickers are damp.
So suffer Santiago for making us glad,
We’re enlightened to realize
We’re just barking mad

Walking on the wild side.

Hiya, I am Lauren, a lifestyle traveller, writer and health Nerd. Due to lockdown I decided to get on with writing my blog and catching up with friends new and old. I believe we are one world that for most of us wants to promote peace and goodwill to each other, wherever you are in the world I wish you well. I hope we connect and share our stories.

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