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We listen less, to talk of life, Our utmost stress, we put aside. Aimless wander tread with care, streets and corners lead us there.

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Hiya, I am Lauren, I am a writer, poet, lifestyle traveller and a serious health nut

I am British but live in Spain, however I now travel for most of the year looking for writing projects and gathering new contacts. My awesome three kids are all now independent and living their own lives, allowing me to have the freedom to create my journeys and turn them into adventures.


I have been writing since I was fourteen. I wrote a play when I was at school and have been hooked ever since. Ten years ago I re-kindled my passion for poetry when I met another writer and he encouraged me to pick up my pen again. I went on to write 200 poems which led me on to writing my first novel, ‘Notes from the Edge’, shortly followed by a quirky memoir, ‘A Snazzy Tale” Both published by YouCaxton. I have another book waiting to be finished. Recently I have been writing short stories and articles for my blog. I am also working on adapting my first novel into a screen play. It has become a work whilst learn in progress project.

Health & Wellbeing

I have always been interested in a healthy lifestyle, As a young girl I studied dance and ran my own dance team for a number of years. when I sadly lost my mum when she was only 48. I then lost my husband when he was only 44, I realised how important life was and how quickly it can be taken from us. I always struggled with my weight, especially after my pregnancies. At age 60 I was my heaviest weight and pretty miserable with my overall state of health. I was suffering with osteoarthritis and bordering on diabetes. Whilst on my first trip to India in 2017 I suddenly realised that my pain had disappeared and could only conclude that this was down to my diet. Following my return I was introduced to a nutritional plan and happy to say that my life was turned around. I lost 22k and have kept it all off so far. I also feel like I have lost 20 years, I have more energy and vitality and have turned into a health nut driving all my family and friends barmy. What is important is I feel great and I cannot stop writing about Health.


In 2017 , my youngest child ‘Megan’ decided she wanted to study in the UK and leave Spain. I was faced with an empty nest and for the first time in my life, I was void of any responsibilities. I searched for my passport and told myself this was my time. I was about to become a solo traveller. As somebody who is not great at planning my first task was to get somebody to rent my house for six months. I basically then stuck a pin on the map, Sticking to warm countries I took off. I am not an enthusiastic tourist, I craved places that would inspire me to write. I soon learnt it was people that fed me the inspiration I needed and not the places. I spent a month in Thailand in one resort and buckled down to write my second novel. Venturing on afterwards to Jaipur in India where I stayed with a family who introduced me to their culture and charisma of a country I have come to love and admire. My return to Spain grounded me again, Basically I am a home lover, however itchy feet fever took me off again the following year to Eastern Europe, Asia and India, before the dreaded Covid Pandemic changed everything.

The business of daadi

Daadi Organics is a project I have been working on in India. Primarily set up to help women and their families on the slums in Jaipur. Learning new skills helps these women to become empowered and at the same time helps them to feed their families. A workshop where they have been manufacturing clothing has led me to discover the importance of buying organic textiles. As consumers are growing more conscious especially post pandemic, we must do all we can to bring awareness to the dangers fast fashion brings to the future of our planet. I am constantly researching this issue and my plan is to see this project through by bringing affordable product to a market hungry for sustainable items. 



1973 – 1979

What fun years these were running a troupe of dancers, the highlight dancing at Wembley Arena on the same bill as ‘Top of the Pops Pans People.

Peaches Promotions

1979 – 1981

Running a team of Sales and Promotion Girls. Luton Town Football Club. Vauxhall Motors, Middx and Herts country Club. Tea Council, green Shield Stamps. Green Giant.

Masquerade and Jesters Fancy dress Shops

1981 – 1984

Fancy Dress Hire shops in Watford, Luton and Barnet, London Working with my Mother and Sister, Sales and Buyer.


1984 – 1997

Hiring costumes primarily to Club 18.30, Butlins and Pontins. Creating a brand of Face Paints. Producing over six Face Painting manuals including Five Minute Faces, First Faces, Fantastic faces, Wild faces and SFX Faces. Sold company in 2004.

Eka European Kids Association

2010 – 2013

President of children’s charity, finding career opportunities for Expat school leavers in Spain