Nations divided. Families divided. How have closed borders affected you?

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It starts innocently with an institution, a grouping together of human beings. We look for leadership and allow power to corrupt.

We become members – friends – comrades – a team – a nation. Then we build a wall, a border. a restricted line.

For thousands of years, we existed in small groups, 150 people. Then we wanted cities. From within the city walls, we learned about the need to protect the clan, to look out from within where we built a layer of aggression, coating all reason and justification. We became territorial, too terrified to allow outsiders a welcome to pass. Our neighbours do the same. As we divide human beings, we create fear and aggression, we are comfortably tribal and this, in turn, develops our defences. We link arms but we need structure so we create armies wherein there is acceptable violence and killing. This becomes shrouded in duty and honour, we create permission to justify aggression allowing religion and righteousness a place to pitch. Aggression thrives on control and creates a divine power to manipulate moral judgements over individuals. Are we safely locked inside a safe haven, protected from outsiders and the fear of insecurity? Really?

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Love has no borders.

Travel has taught me this, Once I have passed immigration and waved my visa, the piece of paper that defines me as no threat, I meet with friends of other nations, we all want the same, well most of us. We all have a desire to live in peace and harmony. I firmly believe we are the majority.

Thank you BREXIT and you Brexiteers. You have somewhat caused chaos on the borders that I once had the freedom to cross, without suspicion and a pile of paperwork. I moved to mainland Europe twenty-one years ago to embrace the freedom of no borders. Sadly because I am British I no longer have that freedom, making it slightly more difficult because my choice of residence is on the wrong side of the channel. I am more than confused. I came here to be European, on a continent so diverse in culture my children could embrace with open arms stretched wide. They left prior to Brexit to study in the Uk for reasons that did not seem to matter at the time. Unfortunately for me, I now feel neither British nor European. I know you will say, “get over it” but I do not actually want to. Getting over not being able to see my kids (Admittedly Covid is not helping) is something I clearly do not want to get over. They grew up here in Spain and now can only come home for three months at a time because they are no longer residents and probably never will be now. I love and care about seeing my children, family, and friends I do not give a hoot about fishing rights and worrying about being told what to do by Brussels. I DO NOT care about what you describe as independence because it does not come close to the freedom of choice.

To bring together peace and harmony on this planet, we see it impossible to become one as we mistrust the other. Why must it be against humanity to be one family? who says we can’t learn to respect the needs of others unconditionally and without gain? It is time to start believing in ourselves and to have the courage to let go of fear. There will never be global harmony on this beautiful planet until we all lay down our arms, our sticks and stones and our attitudes of puffed up power crazy sick dudes. Let us try to avoid the eventuality of ultimate destruction, if at all possible.

The angry scared man or woman who believes in the aggressive force of power is the person doing the killing, the person who is dropping bombs on the children in Palestine, The person causing chaos and destruction. This is not protection. It does not work. It never has and it never will. There have never been winners in war. My parents taught me to walk away from fights and I always did.

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It is time let go of the misconstrued belief that they are there to protect us from our enemy. Forget what they wrote in the history books because it only shows us repeating mistakes over and over. We can get rid of the enemy by learning to live together and to break down borders our restrictions and old beliefs. I thought it was happening in Europe back at the beginning of this new Millenium. Maybe Europe still is on a mission to work with member states but sadly without Britain. Has this affected me? Damn right it has.

So does it start innocently or are we manipulated into believing that by dropping the odd bomb here and there is the ultimate answer? It goes back to the argument, “Guns don’t kill people” DUH!!!! Until we can reeducate our thinking of using force, and fear to protect us, then the human race will eventually kill itself. This is what I believe.

Time will heal as we take the first steps of courage to let go of fear and welcome change, merging our cultures. Taking the good and clearing the bad. In my utopian dream, by opening our borders, will we ever let in the so-called enemy, change his title and show him the hand of friendship. Do we not all share one sun, one moon, one planet.

Open border advocates argue that free migration is the most effective way to reduce world poverty. Migrants from developing countries can earn higher wages after moving to a more developed country,[8] usually lifting them from ‘developing world poverty to ‘developed world poverty’. They also send remittances to relatives in their home country, the flow of remittances being estimated to be around three times the global foreign aid spending reported by the OECD.[9]

People who are open are not vulnerable, they have nothing to lose nor hide.

There will be many who would take advantage of greener pastures but could this manner of mankind eventually die out as people see that they can have it anyway. Humanity wants the things it cannot have If you lock it away it will get stolen. If you leave it out in the open it will be shared.
We need to open our eyes with courage and learn to step beyond the boundaries. Freedom of speech is worthless if we are scared to say things that we feel need saying. Change is coming and the changers will make this happen, I feel it.

Migration has been important throughout history. People will never stop moving and today is no different. However it is not just about people fleeing persecution. Today the world is getting smaller and people are leaving the cities to either work from home or to work within a nomadic lifestyle. Again something I have become more aware of as I have met young digital nomads working far away from their countries of origin. This is a growing trend and as yet I would be interested to know where it is going to lead to. I would welcome your thoughts.

Interesting link Open Borders

If you have got to the end of my ramblings, I would appreciate your thoughts or even your time to say hello.

Hiya, I am Lauren, a lifestyle traveller, writer and health Nerd. Due to lockdown I decided to get on with writing my blog and catching up with friends new and old. I believe we are one world that for most of us wants to promote peace and goodwill to each other, wherever you are in the world I wish you well. I hope we connect and share our stories.

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