How to Avoid over indulging this xmas.

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Do I sound like a bore? one of those health nurds that say to you, ‘Just do not eat or drink so much, it is as simple as that.’

Well we all know how simple it is. don’t we?

So what is the problem?

IT IS BLOODY XMAS!!! It is the time of Be Merry, and does that not say to our sub-conscious minds that is ok to stuff our faces? So as our subconscious prepares to do battle with our conscious mind, which do you think will be the victorious? Be honest here.

I have under a month to prepare for a battle. The army of Xmas Fayre is just over the hill. The gingerbread biscuits and Quality Street are suitably armoured in their colourful tins and present themselves in the doorway of the supermarket. The shelves are stacked high, the flags are out, and all the twinkling shiny produce is opening us memories of aromas, wafting over the hill and aiming to hit my nostrils with force and persuasion. My sub conscious is jumping up and down in Angel delight, white chocolate, and thoughts of hot mince pies and brandy butter. I rush past the infantry and try to stay focused as I clamber towards the back of the store, digging a deep trench between fruit and veg, I tell myself, ‘here you are safe amongst the cucumber and pomegranates, here you will survive if you just lay low and keep your head down. Think of England, Think of waistlines.

Photo by Oleg Magni on Prepare to do Battle.

As night falls and skies darken, there is an aroma of mulled wine coming from the wine section, Regiments of bottles, stand in line waiting to advance. Stand firm, Bottled fizzy water, gripped in hand. I am ready, But walnuts? What side are they on for god’s sake? are they not rich in antioxidants? Who placed them next to the Brandy? Is this a trick to entice me into a trap? If I advance quickly, they can be in my basket without risking capture by the alcoholic division. Too late, the store is playing Jingle Bells over the tannoy. I try not listen. It is just a trick. Just walk calmly towards the hummus and the cottage cheese. Through the nuts, dates and raisins, I spy the Brazils, STAY FOCUSED. If you can make it that far you may be able to escape through the toiletry section and make the exit by carrying through the minimum you require. I reach the till, the finish line, the advent calendars and chocolate Santa’s swinging in tinsel over head, and I feel proud, I feel such power and strength, however, I have another 23 days of the Xmas food battle, I will survive. Victory will be in sight and I may just get a medal on top of the tree.

Stay with me here. If any of you are saying, “WELL IT IS XMAS” I do know that? For many of you lucky people who can eat as much as you like, without putting on an ounce, Or you are able to say no, to food placed in front of you, and does not shout, EAT ME!!! I am talking from the mind of a food addict, who once starts, seems unable to stop. For three days over the holiday maybe I will indulge, but if I start buying it now, then it will be a stone on by Xmas and then three months trying to lose it again.

For us food addies, it is not simple, it is a process with a strategic battle plan. You would not say to a heroin addict, “Well it is Xmas”. For me unfortunately, action is needed until bad habits are changed forever, and unicorns come out to play. I just ask for some understanding.

Check out FOOD AND YOUR MOOD, on my blog

Remember, food can affect your mood, if you really want to stay merry over Xmas, you may want to look at the benefits of healthy eating during the holiday period.

UPDATE: from my stay at Chillax retreat in Campello, Spain. I am awaiting my Isagenix goody box. Helping me get into the right mindset, I want to say a huge thank you to Jane, one of the guests staying here, who conducted an amazing hypnosis session yesterday for me. She gave my sub-conscious a good talking to and I am feeling motivated and ready for action.

So if you are like me, it really is simple to be victorious in this battle? I would love to link up with you and create an army. We have to believe we can do this. I cannot offer firm solutions but I can help you form a battle plan. For now, stay strong, stay alert, and stay safe in the knowledge that battles can be won.

  1. Lock yourself away
  2. Get somebody else to do your shopping
  3. Get battle ready.
  4. ROCK ON.

Hiya, I am Lauren, a lifestyle traveller, writer and health Nerd. Due to lockdown I decided to get on with writing my blog and catching up with friends new and old. I believe we are one world that for most of us wants to promote peace and goodwill to each other, wherever you are in the world I wish you well. I hope we connect and share our stories.

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