What Matters Now?

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‘I sense you do not have a plan’ he said sitting there looking all organised in his suit, sipping the coffee I had made him.

He ran his fingers over the page he had previously printed, which detailed the sorry state of my financial future. I hate figures and charts, databases, and all that stuff I struggle to make head or tail over. Some say it is something to do with which side of the brain is more in tune. I am definitely working out of the right side of my brain. If only my teachers could have known that.

I smiled with annoyance and to satisfy my wonderful financial advisor I asked him which plan he wanted to go over with me.

‘I mean’ he replied sternly, ‘Do you even have a list?

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‘Would that be the list on the fridge?’ I chuckled ‘or the one in my notepad in my bag, the one I have on a computer excel sheet? oh and there is a list in my journal, well mostly goals.’ I corrected.

I sensed his bewilderment. I have just been told `I must be suffering from ADHD. I think it is multitasking. I do write things down but my overall plan starts with a vision and not a bloody list.

What matters now is that I try and stick to my vision.

Before the pandemic, it seemed to me like most things were possible and easy to visualise however, throwing into our lives a virus, oh and Brexit not to mention a war I have recently become a tad confused with the picture of my future. Losing your vision is far more harmful than not having a list. The list follows the vision, however, I get so busy in my creative state, I forget where I wrote that list and go back to the one in my head that is linked to my vision.

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Without a vision, it is difficult to focus on the action needed to move forward, whether it is a small change in your life or a mega one, you need the vision to stay in control. Without it, life will drag you along as it pleases and not always in the direction you want it to go.

Pandemic, war, and global financial crises undoubtedly will have an effect on your vision. I have been watching refugees on TV news reports. My heart goes out to them. The lives they have all been working for since day one, gone in an instant. No, not gone but trapped in vagueness, what will happen next? What matters most is what can their vision be now? Uncertainty is a killer to the morale and determination of a person trying to stay alive. Their vision has to be survival and nothing else.

If you think for a moment, how often do we think that we are just surviving? We react to what is thrown at us, ducking lifes problems and jumping over hurdles can have us feeling we are stuck in muddy waters.

I have just finished an event that was unequivocally created from a vision. A friend of mine commented at the event that she could now see where I was coming from. For some, you have to paint a picture of reality and show them the idea that has been swimming around your head in recent months. No amount of explaining and making lists will put your idea out there. More importantly you have to find ways of moving from vision to action. There is no point in making a list unless you action it. Some people get that straight away. Others carry on making more lists. The telepathic tuning in and connecting of creative and visionary brains is empowering.

As they say in writing stories, ‘You must SHOW NOT TELL, however sometimes, a person will react to your idea, see where you are coming from, and share your enthusiasm. Sadly my accountant does not always get it. He is still stuck in the left hand side of his brain. How can we get to the middle part of our brain? Is that possible?

Measuring success and lifestyle does not always have to be gauged by the list of numbers printed on a page. I can see the importance of it but for me, it has always been so much more. What matters now is that I keep the momentum going, I stay afloat on a wave that keeps me creating. I can smile at the sun, appreciate friends and breathe fresh air amongst a million other things I can be grateful for. This is being alive.

Make something happen, it is challenging and exciting. What matters now is that the world hangs on to vision and that it is a positive one.


Hiya, I am Lauren, a lifestyle traveller, writer and health Nerd. Due to lockdown I decided to get on with writing my blog and catching up with friends new and old. I believe we are one world that for most of us wants to promote peace and goodwill to each other, wherever you are in the world I wish you well. I hope we connect and share our stories.

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