Spontaneous, are you voluntarily unconstrained? or do you loath the unexpected.

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The secret to being spontaneous is to relish the desire of the unexpected. To allow our thoughts to mingle freely amongst all that we think we should be, for we are never one thing nor a million. To set a rule too tight will crush you. A thought too set in concrete cannot flourish, only disguise a change of direction a missed route or path with untamed knowledge. Pass by without care. Step out of chained thoughts and you possibly could see a coloured sky, where reasons attached to actions create understandings of all that is good and bad. You are now open to the unexpected. A person will bring you a message, you turn it into thought. Some will take action, some will sleep, some will die. It is a universe choosing how to balance, for she has no set plan. She is spontaneous.

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Do you sometimes change your mind on the spur of the moment? do your friends and family find it hard to keep up with you?

YES? then wonderful, you are my type of person. Being predictable can be boring at times, knowing what somebody will probably do next because they find safety in the comfort of routine would send me bananas. Yes I can be annoying too.

I love the relaxed and uninhabited qualities you gain by being spontaneous, I love the ‘Not knowing what is at the end of the road‘ feeling because whatever happens next, I feel trained to deal with it. Being spontaneous can keep your mind sharp, free from stressing and willing to jump out of your comfort zone.


The word comes from the Latin ‘sponte‘ meaning of one’s free will, voluntarily. We have to be willing to act in this way, for some of us there often is no other way to be.

Make plans that can be broken

I try to plan but struggle with regime. My plans are always made to be broken, so when they are, I can pick myself up and move on. No use crying over spilt milk, but how much of our spontaneity do we put down to the universe working her ways on us? Roads get blocked and we go reeling off in other directions. Do we tell ourselves later when looking back? ‘Well that was meant to be’ How often do we hear about the man who changed his mind at the last moment to get on a flight which later crashed, Does the spontaneous person have a gift of insight? I wonder.

Being spontaneous in a relationship

The spontaneous person is unpredictable, which can lift the intensity and excitement in a relationship. Doing something simply unexpected can often keep the flame burning in a relationship. An unexpected text saying, ‘Let’s eat out tonight instead’ just as you are about to prepare dinner can be annoying but also strengthens your versatility. In a relationship this can be healthy.

A predictable business

In business, being spontaneous and unpredictable can keep you interesting, It can also keep your competitors on their toes and can be disastrous if they can predict your next move, maybe get to where you want to be, before you have the chance to. Do not be predictable. Your customers will wait eagerly for new products and new ideas. About turns have companies and governments whirling. If we were too predictable there would be no media and very little interesting news.

Travel, freedom and lifestyle

My love of travel, keeps me involved in spontaneous energy, Country hopping when I can and changing direction at a moments notice. I love the freedom to change my mind. I very rarely regret the decisions I have made. Unfortunately, COVID has been making these decisions for me recently as my freedom has shrunk and I am limited with destinations. I am not stressing, there is no point, however I find myself in a place where not only do I refrain from planning anything, it is too difficult anyhow because of the present situation. Covid is not un-predictable, however, the way we choose to react to it certainly is.

But as I previously wrote, I love not knowing and that puts me in a position to deal with uncertainty. Take a deep breath and say, “It is what it is” Tomorrow will always be different if you allow it.


Hiya, I am Lauren, a lifestyle traveller, writer and health Nerd. Due to lockdown I decided to get on with writing my blog and catching up with friends new and old. I believe we are one world that for most of us wants to promote peace and goodwill to each other, wherever you are in the world I wish you well. I hope we connect and share our stories.

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