Coincidence or is there more to it

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Despite my challenging experiences with loss, I’ve always been open to the possibility of a connection of spirits for the other side. While I can’t say I’ve been completely convinced, the comfort that belief brings is undeniable. I’ve noticed that many people long to receive messages from their departed loved ones however I try to keep an open mind.

Recently, something happened that gave me pause and filled me with a sense of wonder. It revolves around my late husband, Paul, who died in 1997. You may see it as a coincidence, but I’d like to share it with you and hear your thoughts.

A couple of years ago, a friend visited me. She was studying to become a medium, and as we sat in my cozy living room, sipping wine by the fireplace’s warm glow, she suddenly mentioned the presence of a man standing behind me. She proceeded to describe what he seemed to be conveying. With a chuckle, I remarked that it sounded like my husband, Paul. The following morning, my friend said, I didn’t want to tell you last night but he followed you upstairs when you went to bed” She then went on to describe him as wearing a blue and white rugby shirt. I found this peculiar and reached into my purse, pulling out a photo of Paul that I had carried with me during my travels. ‘A shirt like this?’ I asked her. She looked and nodded. She had never seen this photo.

I didn’t dwell on this encounter until yesterday when I was tidying up my cupboards and stumbled upon a notebook from 2006. Flipping through its pages, I came across entries detailing some meditations I had practiced when I first arrived in Spain. As I read my own words, I was taken aback. In my description, I had vividly envisioned Paul on a beach, donning a blue and white rugby shirt. Could it be a mere coincidence, or is my husband playfully hinting that he needs a new shirt on the other side?

The idea that deceased loved ones are watching over us and sending messages is a common belief in many cultures and spiritual traditions. It provides a sense of connection and solace to those who are grieving. However, it’s important to remember that beliefs about the afterlife and communication with the deceased vary widely among individuals and cultures. There is no definitive scientific evidence to support or refute these beliefs.

I recently attended a spiritual stage show at a charitable event. Although the event was a success I could not help feeling the medium/performer was making entertainment out of people’s grief and expectations. I also believed that if my husband, for instance, was there, his words would never come out of this man’s mouth.

However, some people find comfort in signs or experiences they interpret as messages from their loved ones, while others may not have the same experiences or interpret them differently. Ultimately, whether or not you believe that your deceased loved ones are watching over you is a personal belief that can provide emotional support and help you navigate your grief.

If you find solace in the belief that your loved ones are watching over you, there’s no harm in holding onto that belief as long as it brings you comfort and helps you cope with your loss. It’s a personal and individual choice, and what matters most is finding a way to heal and remember your loved ones in a way that feels meaningful to you.

Yesterday I put his photo in a little frame and put him on a shelf where I could see him. If he is trying to say something he will need to let me know and help me work out what he wants to say.

Hiya, I am Lauren, a lifestyle traveller, writer and health Nerd. Due to lockdown I decided to get on with writing my blog and catching up with friends new and old. I believe we are one world that for most of us wants to promote peace and goodwill to each other, wherever you are in the world I wish you well. I hope we connect and share our stories.

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