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Woweeee!!!! we are at day five, My walk in Javea was inspiring. So grateful for a cool breeze. We chatted about long term focus and I have decided I would like to do a course this year, Not quite sure what though.Starting on the Arenal where I met up with a friend for breakfast coffee. Javea has some of the best coastal bars and restaurants. A must visit.

We walked along the coast towards the Port where you will find beautiful little shops. It is a little sad as we come to the end of the summer season, one I think a lot of tourist places will be glad to put behind them. However, the morning people were out smiling as they always do. Jogging along the footpath and meeting up with friends in beachside cafe bars.

So DAY FIVE is all about your senses, Sight, Smell Taste, Touch and Hearing.

Be mindful of your senses today and write down on a piece of paper all that you have experienced today that has made you feel good.

For me today was…..SIGHT, the amazing Montgo Mountain, SMELL, bacon at breakfast. TASTE, definitely my coffee, TOUCH smooth pebbles on the beach, Hearing, My friend’s laughter. We have so much to be grateful for.

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DAY FOUR and as I look forward to my walk which will be in Javea, Costa Blanca. I think about yesterday. I woke in a bad mood and at first I did not know why. The night before I had a glass of wine whilst writing my blog. Nothing wrong in one glass I hear you say. However, I have realised that it affects my morning mood. Not in hangover style and it does pass, it also makes it difficult for me to get motivated and that is something we need to get moving in the morning.

I managed 100 squats and I am going to stop at that number. I dragged myself out of the house, At least my trainers were on and I was dressed for a walk. I made it to the cafe, I needed to check my mail and see how many of you were responding. You are which I am pleased to say but you are not talking to me. Hellooooo!!!!! please tell me you are up and walking, If you are not and you are reading this snuggled in your bed then do not worry. Even if I can convince you to do one day then well done anyhow. Maybe that is one day more than you would usually do and I am still happy for you.

DAY FOUR Walk with style, hold your head up and be conscientious and caring today. Your focus is on long term. If you want change then you want it to last. Walking long term or whatever exercise you choose to do is your security for better health. This is the meaning of number four. By the way the number four picture is the one on my house and it has always been a lucky number for me. Do you have a lucky number?


THREE IS A MAGIC NUMBER, but before you start on DAY THREE, I want to express what a lovely day I had on day two of our walking challenge. I have at last achieved a habit of waking early and doing a few stretches and squats in the morning before I jump in the shower. I drove to Moraira (Costa Blanca) to meet my friend Debs in this delightful french coffee shop. Our 10,000 steps took us along a coastal path in the direction of Calpe, where we chatted about life and the things we want to find, to make us happy.

It is good to walk with friends when you can. Sometimes she will point things out to me that I would miss and vice-versa. I love the man looking out to sea, the chaotic pile of chairs and the locks left as love tokens. I then said I have to find a number 3. ‘Why?’ she said, “It is another challenge.” On every walk I am going to photograph a number. The number three in the photographs we found above a shop. We both said, ‘Yes that is the one”

So DAY THREE and well done for getting this far. I hope you are getting the hang of this, Walking is so good for your health not only your body but your mind too, and the number three is significant when we think of New Life, Completeness and Harmony, what do these things mean to you. I am happy to say my friend has just celebrated the birth of a grandson, so there is the new life. However new life can mean a lot more. Maybe you are thinking about your own life.

COMPLETENESS Do you feel complete? are you grateful for the things around you? or are there things you feel you can improve on.

And finally “HARMONY

I have looked up a quote for you to take on your walk.

If there is righteousness in the heart, there will be beauty in the character. If there is beauty in the character, there will be harmony in the home. If there is harmony in the home, there will be order in the nations. When there is order in the nations, there will peace in the world.” Sathya Sai Baba

Walk happy on day three and take some of these words with you.


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So here we are at Day two, and whether you believe in the Angels or not, Soul Mission resonated with me. (BTW the graphic is a photo I took on my walk day one.) I wonder if anyone can guess where I took it?
We often embark on a challenge to achieve something we desire on the surface. However, when we form new habits the changes that happen can be more than we anticipated.
In my own case, my walking habit took me on a journey last year that was unforgettable.
Walking the Camino de Santiago, through Portugal and Spain taught me so much about myself and what I could achieve. The year before, I could hardly walk up my staircase without getting breathless and here was I walking 275 Kilometres. Not to mention the new friendships I formed.
How did I do it?
I pushed myself a little further every day. Little by little. When we add small changes, we can make a difference in the long term. This is why it is important to keep going and stay committed.
30 days will pass quickly, believe me. As you stick to the challenge, you will not want it to end.
So, on day two, as you walk, I want you to have a word with yourself about the importance of making a commitment and what it means to you.
How many times have you been un-reliable, in-consistent and let your friends and family down when you have promised something you would do and then have not? How many times have you not called a friend, not turned up to an event which you said you would attend, promised the kids you would take them somewhere and then made an excuse?
Now think of how many times you have let yourself down.  It is hard right and there is always an excuse tagged on the end.
Day two is a soul mission, and it is to make that commitment to love yourself more.
By the end of your 10,000 steps you will have convinced yourself to commit to something that is going to be meaningful to you and who knows, you may surprise yourself with the outcome.
Good morning to all of you who have made the effort to get to this place. This is day one of a thirty-day walking for wellness challenge. The idea is that everyday for the next 30 days you will create some new habits that will lead you to better health. For some of you these will be completely new, for others you will be adding new habits to positive ones you have already created, For example, you may already be walking everyday but you want to up the number of steps or start another form of exercise, However, there is going to be more to this challenge because I am going to give you a lot to think about as you walk. We are also going to practice some mindfulness and each walk will be something you will look forward to.

For me, my challenge is to write something everyday that will keep you motivated, as well as setting my own challenge of walking a minimum of 10,000 steps per day. My challenge is to help you support each other and meet new friends by participating and sharing your experiences in the comments below. You will have to scroll down to the bottom of the page.

I am happy for you to share this page on Facebook or Insta with your friends, make your own groups if you wish.

So ONWARDS. Out the door. First tips today are,
Drop your daily steps in tonight and let’s see how we all did on day one.

Note, Anyone doing diet and nutrition challenges please let me know,

The Eve of a new challenge,

Excited or feeling a little apprehensive, I want to say this to you, Some people achieve the whole thing, some of us miss the odd day here and there and some only do a day. The important thing is you want to do this and that is where you start.

So it is the 13th September and all of you (Hopefully are eager to get started for any reason you have decided. WE START TOMORROW. Every day on here I will be posting and I hope you will make the effort to click on to the challenge page and give me an update in the comments box, leave messages of support for each other and DO YOUR BEST.

The September challenge is mainly about walking so post your totals. My own personal challenge is to make sure I do 10,000 steps before ten in the morning. Set your own.

There will be a few surprises along the way. See you all tomorrow.










I am so excited to announce the September challenge.

10.000 steps per day for 30 days.

Walking is a wonderful way to improve your health, Whether you walk alone or in a social group it offers so much more than gentle exercise. When I walk alone, I become mindful of my surroundings. Walking clears my mind, reduces stress and promotes calm.

If you are trying to lose weight and reluctant to embrace challenging exercise, walking is a great place to start. Start this challenge by aiming for 10,000 steps per day. If that is too much in one go then do an early morning walk and another one later in the evening. Perhaps you can use this opportunity to start a new habit. Get up an hour early in the morning.

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Hiya, I am Lauren, a lifestyle traveller, writer and health Nerd. Due to lockdown I decided to get on with writing my blog and catching up with friends new and old. I believe we are one world that for most of us wants to promote peace and goodwill to each other, wherever you are in the world I wish you well. I hope we connect and share our stories.

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