A Snazzy Tale, Writing a memoir.

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I always knew that one day I would write a book about the creation of Snazaroo the face painting company I developed with my husband Paul back in 1984. The time had to be right because of my mixed emotions.

Heathrow, early November morning 2018 and I am about to board a plane to Thailand. My first time as a solo traveller, I am excited as well as being shit scared. I am leaving all that is familiar for six months and I have little or no plan.

As we climb into the clouds there are eight hours ahead of me to sit at my keyboard. I cannot sleep so I think about making a few notes. Eight hours later I had ten chapters planned out. My last book took me ten years of research, Snazzy tale took eight hours. It was all in my head and the words just dripped from my fingertips and made their way onto my computer screen.

The following month, I glued myself to a chair in a bar opposite a beautiful Thai beach and crafted my story. I felt elevated, light headed and sorted. This really was a story I had wanted to tell for a long time.

When my son Sam, came up with a design for the front cover I remember calling him and shouting down the phone, ‘I just love it! I just love it!’

Front Cover by Sam Lupson. Published by YouCaxton

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It was a family affair.

Writing a memoir is not just about leaving written memories for your children and grandchildren, it can also be about making some sense of your life. Understanding why we are like we are. Writing A Snazzy Tale gave me a sense of freedom. It also put me in touch with old friends and new ones.

There is a true sense of magic, not only in a child’s smile but in the story behind the journey and the destination it creates.

It is available on Amazon. Really appreciate you checking it out, and if you manage to read it, love to have your review.



Hi Lauren At last I have just this moment finished reading A Snazzy Tale Just wanted to say for me once started I couldn’t put it down. An amazing biography, especially as I was there in the early days. Sad to hear that Heidi lost Rob who I met through Pete a few times.I always knew you had drive and ambition.I was very touched by the whole story.I would have loved to have met Paul Kind regards, Steve Couldridge

I have just started your book and after reading the introduction I know I will sit in silence reading tonight until my eye can read no more. I know this is going to be another fantastic book. Thank you for being so talented and bringing the joy of a good story to many Thanks Irene Martin.

So I messaged you when i had only got to chapter 7, I couldn’t wait to thank you for transporting me back to my happy childhood days….I couldn’t put the book down and go to sleep hence I have just finished it…needless to say having wiped my tear stained face I cannot believe the heartache and personal loss you have suffered which I was unaware of, I am so sorry. However despite that you have managed to share how your spirit, determination and hard work took you on an amazing journey…..It is a fascinating insight into how you changed the faces of the world ..literally ….your mum in her big fluffy boots would be so proud of her girls…….those girls from Hemel Hempstead that was real “girl Power” started in the 70’s. …Thank you so much on sharing your story ..the line about its not just painting a child’s face, its the joy and entertainment and imagination that goes with it to help create a story ….you are the Enid Blyton of faces around the world …xxx😘 caroline fox

A Snazzy Tale. Well Sis I have to admit that I started reading your book with trepidation and have just finished. It was so moving that I had to wipe away tears and found it beautifully written, such an admirable story well balanced and told. Well done you – can’t wait for the next one. Xx Wayne Massingham

Sorry it’s late … I have just been transported back decades, spiralling visions of satin and sequins, 70 hits and the only important things in my life as a young girl OMG Lauren I am half way through A Snazzy Tale .. through laughter tears and joyful memories wishing I was that small girl who loved to sing and dance .. and remembering my own times .. it’s so amazing and humbling to understand the history and journey that you took which enabled me to be be a happy child. I was a lot younger so I was aware of some but not all .. it’s fabulous Lauren I am proud to have been a Capri-Anne dancer but now more so understanding of your mums life .. which makes me humbled on all she did for me & how she tried to get me ‘discovered’ I did giggle when I read the quote ‘it’s not what you know it’s who you know’ she said that to me all the time … and I say it too … it makes me sad that I couldn’t make it .. for her 😰… anyway .. just needed to tell you how fab it is and thank you for hating hockey … caroline F.

Karin Wightman September 26 at 12:28 PM · Dear Lauren,I have finished your book already… I could not put it down really and I enjoyed it very much. There is so much in it, love, laughter tears and determination. I don’t think you realised but there are many times in my life when things were hard, as they often are but for me you inspired me to carry on and keep smiling as you had. I know there was great sadness but you still picked yourself and carrying on smiling through the tears. You are a great friend, a true inspiration and I hope that your next adventures bring you more happiness.

I’ve just finished reading this wonderful and inspiring book, written by the lovely Lauren Staton✨✨✨✨✨✨✨✨✨✨✨✨✨I’ve got to know Lauren since moving to Jalon. She’s a force to be reckoned with, with constant inspirational ideas that spring from her like a fountain! I admire her positive energy and her motivation to help others in all she does. Whilst chatting one day we got talking about her past and her success in the fancy dress and face painting business. She told me a few amazing stories that had me intrigued to know more! What an incredible journey she’d been on and had so much to tell that she wrote a book about how she bought Face Painting to the high street by taking her company from a tiny kiosk to the global market! We all know about face painting, especially if you’ve had children. My daughter Aimee loved having her face painted at parties and local events. Who’d have thought I’d get to know this inspirational lady behind it all!I encourage you to read Lauren’s Book, it’s a fantastic read that you just can’t put down once you start and follow her incredible story. It made me smile with her witty humour and then cry as she left her heart between the pages. A wonderful book I will treasure. Thank you Lauren 💕It’s available on Amazon I believe. Janet Mason


‘A snazzy Tale’ is available on line through Amazon, Waterstones, and YouCaxton.com

soon to be in audio.

Hiya, I am Lauren, a lifestyle traveller, writer and health Nerd. Due to lockdown I decided to get on with writing my blog and catching up with friends new and old. I believe we are one world that for most of us wants to promote peace and goodwill to each other, wherever you are in the world I wish you well. I hope we connect and share our stories.

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