Pink Pageant. Poartry

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We dared to dance in my backyard

A childhood tumbled and hard

we rhythmed till the clock had struck

we really did not give a fuck

but we did.

Come and take me to the Mardi Gras

I was growing fast and not so far

My mother’s foot upon her treadle

She would not let my father meddle

But she did.

We dressed in pink and silver lycra

Lost in music, singing free

Stretched out arms above our heads,

I will try not to sing out of key.

Someone sang with his friends

Was it me?

So off we danced into the zone of

long haired lovers leaving home

the hole in the concrete best to avoid

my steps were careful to tread, point and heel

and Carly Simon helped me feel

oh she so did!

She said it all did she not?

And all I did was trot to fox

All those words make sense why should they not?

Then sadly the world forgot

And then the music suddenly stopped.

And all the words were laughed aside

The lights were dimmed Poor Freddie died

And Bowie cried as he danced in the street

And the magic lifted from my feet

It was a wild world

lost in defeat.

Go go dancers – walk on by

You shone on polished floors,

reflecting music on your hips

To shimmy through your fingertips

and taste the gloss on pinky lips


Sweep your feet across the floor

And we shall be forevermore

Never will it be so great


and jump so high to levitate,

what a time we made

PINK PAGEANT by Lauren Staton. 102X98. Acrylic on board.

Hiya, I am Lauren, a lifestyle traveller, writer and health Nerd. Due to lockdown I decided to get on with writing my blog and catching up with friends new and old. I believe we are one world that for most of us wants to promote peace and goodwill to each other, wherever you are in the world I wish you well. I hope we connect and share our stories.

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