Obsession or Enthusiasm. Supporting your friends when they start a new business.

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Your best friend has become a nightmare. She has just got involved in a new business and can’t stop going on about it. She is so excited and she keeps repeating, eagerly using the lingo that has most of us running to hide. All her posts on social media seem to be focused on selling her idea. She wants you to join a zoom call and you want an early night. “It will change your life, honestly”.

Does this sound familiar?

Do you react by getting annoyed at her constant chatter, or are you happy to support her enthusiasm?

Writing as someone who throws herself into new ideas on a regular basis, I can relate to your friend. I do have a tendency to share my excitement with the world and his wife. Social media makes it easy for you to do that.

Try not to react in a way that promotes negativity, this can be hurtful and even damage the relationship you have. I am not a relationship coach but I have seen this happen many times and friends are friends and you really do not want to lose them.

Times are certainly challenging during the past few years. More and more of us are looking into side hustles and the opportunities that are presented. We need to make a few extra bucks or pounds or even euros. Not every new idea on line is a pyramid scheme or a scam so before you dismiss their idea, or even poo-poo it, why not give them your support? Isn’t that what friends do? Their idea may not be for you but there is no harm in telling your friend to give it a go if she has looked into it carefully.

On the other hand, if she listens to too much negativity , it can make her more determined to succeed.

JUST WATCH ME! – scream the Facebook posts.

For fifteen years I ran a business that became a global success and I was often asked what were the elements needed to reach success. My answer was stay ENTHUSIASTIC. If you want to make a success of something, it should excite you. It is that eagerness that gets you leaping up out of bed in the morning. Read my story, A Snazzy Tale

Obsession is a word frequently used to dampen down enthusiasm, it is not the same and it is important to know the difference. Both words describe that there is a high level of interest in something. Enthusiasm shows a positive interest. However when we exchange it for the word obsessive we start to believe it is unhealthy or excessive to the point of it being outside the normal limits.

I used to work long hours, not to get the job done but because I was enjoying myself. I never saw it as work. It was easy for others to say, “Take a break for your own good.” But I felt stress-free and energised. My friends and family could not see my enthusiasm and this hurt and disappointed me. If I had been doing damage to my overall health then maybe they would have had a reasonable point. If I had listened to them, I would never have achieved the success that was to enrich my life.

It takes a lot of enthusiasm and energy to stay motivated, it also takes a long time to reach success levels. When you are supported it helps and when you are not, it can be soul destroying.

Good parents support their children by giving them praise for their achievements and ideas, so why as adults do we stop giving praise and support? What is wrong with saying, ‘Good luck with that, It may not be for me but I will spread the word‘ I am not expecting you to agree that every idea is a good one, but we should support the idea because you never know, some bright sparks of enthusiasm actually go on to achieve success. It would be awful if your small bout of negativity is what marks the decision for your friend to give up.

MLM companies encourage you to share products with your friends and family first, seeing you as an easy target, this is true. Your friend is following the guidelines. I do find it sad when I hear cases of people losing friends purely on the basis of not agreeing to be sold to. I can understand this but if your friendship is a strong one you will realise she is promoting her products, not trying to rip you off because she has entered a cult and is trying to reel you in. You are free to decline, but please wish her well.

Social media is a perfect platform for new business owners and network marketeers to shout out their enthusiasm and for the most part, it is free. Back in my day it was a lot harder to get the word out. We had to rely on printing leaflets and stuffing mail order envelopes.

Social media lets you read what you like. People can scroll on and not react if they so wish. But a simple LIKE from your best friends and family shows that you are rooting for them. You wish them well and want them to succeed RIGHT?

So before you block your friend for being annoying and obsessive ask your self, why? If you are a good friend you will be enthusiastic for her and if it does all go wrong for her, you will be there with the wine, the smiles and a shoulder re-assuring her that at least she gave it her best.

Love to hear your comments. If you enjoyed this article please visit my page https://www.buymeacoffee.com/laurenstaton. We are raising money to help a school in India. It is a great cause and you can see the details on my page.


Hiya, I am Lauren, a lifestyle traveller, writer and health Nerd. Due to lockdown I decided to get on with writing my blog and catching up with friends new and old. I believe we are one world that for most of us wants to promote peace and goodwill to each other, wherever you are in the world I wish you well. I hope we connect and share our stories.

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