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There is no beauty in the finest cloth if it makes hunger and unhappiness

Mahatma gandhi.

it is perhaps more of a crime, to think that the cloth is no longer as fine as it was in Gandhi’s time.

The day after they eased lockdown restrictions in the UK, I rushed to a boutique in a small town in Kent, where I had been staying. I had been looking through the window at the cotton and linen dresses, and excitement was bubbling. I had not had a haircut nor bought any clothes in two months. This was their re-opening day and I wanted to buy something, Anything!

As I went to touch one of the dresses, the lady reminded me to use the provided hand sanitiser.

“Good idea,” I replied to her, as she also abruptly told me, I would not be able to try anything on. Thinking back to the last time I bought anything in a clothes shop, I took a mindful moment browsing the rails

How different to my Indian experience of stroking the organic cottons and hand-blocked prints in Jaipur just two months before. I so missed them. There I had been in Textile heaven. I had mingled with cloth buyers and artisans, printers of natural dyes and seamstresses, all willing to serve. Just to make a living.

Checking the price labels of the not so cheap dresses, I asked the lady, who was obviously not happy about coming out of lockdown, (even though her business depended on it,) where were these dresses made. Taken aback, she could not answer, shrugging as if my question had little or no importance. But I am a conscious consumer, I tried to apologise for some stupid reason, but my reasoning went straight over her head.

Through her window, during the time of lockdown and empty shopping streets, all I had seen were vibrant colours, Up close, it was a different story, The feel of the cloth was cheap and my treat felt as if it had been betrayed. In an instant I knew I was not going to buy anything in this shop.

Coming back home to Spain I had already decided I was going to seek out some Planet Pioneers either producing or supplying organic and sustainable products. This pandemic has made me ultra determined.

Waste not want Not top, From Daadi Organics, made from recycled fabrics.

Knowing what organic cotton feels like and spending a lot of time sourcing ‘Gots’ certified fabrics, I do feel the pandemic is going to force us, to start asking more questions. Consumers are becoming more conscious and rightly so. We cannot afford to throw away so much tat. Not anymore. Future generations are relying on us.

I have been trying to find face masks made with clean fabric. I find it incredible so many people are happy to wear face masks made from polyester. My friends probably think I am being fussy, I do not care. I have done my research.

POLYESTER. Is this fabric clean? heck no,  due to the harsh chemicals that go into making it. Polyester is not only hard but can be disastrous on sensitive skin. The chemicals can be rough on skin and lead to rashes, it has also been known to cause respiratory problems. There is no breathability in the fabric, the unnatural chemicals are not made for constant human contact. Yet we have had little or no alternative. We must wear a mask or get a fine.

OK But it is a 100% cotton.’

Say some suppliers. It is also important to know that just because the label says it is 100% cotton, only means it is made from all natural fibres and that it has still been produced, using many pesticides, herbicides and other nasty chemicals. Do we really want to be breathing in all those toxic chemicals and wearing it so close to our mouths. What should we do?

Searching for Planet Pioneers I am delighted to discover Positively Organics a brand new company run by two ethically conscious entrepreneurs, Coral Gonzales Taylor and Lorraine Williamson from Marbella. Bravely starting a company during a pandemic, I take my hats off to them but it is not about profit here, more an essential need.

Coral tells me they wanted to bring out a range of Organic Tees with positive quotes on to make everyone feel more positive about the future.

‘I am also an aromatherapist,’ she tells me, ‘so I care about the health of people, In body and mind, it is important.’

As we chatted on she told me about their organic mask bundle, A mask with a fragrant oil and some cbd tea bags. Now we are talking.

You can also buy a singular mask, clean , breathable and non toxic. You can have a positive quote too. Happy talk.§


Face mask bundle. 100% organic mask with non toxic ink. Packaged with powerful anti-bacterial essential oil spray, CBD sweet for emergencies and 2x CBD tea bags for a restful sleep 28€

The company has only just launched. They are still creating their website but you can find them on Facebook here. Please check them out and give your support.

Do you try and buy consciously? Leave us a comment and let us know your tips for buying sustainable products. We can bring more awareness and that has to be a good thing, Right?

We need more Planet Pioneers to support our Daadi project. If you are interested, would like to know more and have a sustainable product, please get in touch.

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Hiya, I am Lauren, a lifestyle traveller, writer and health Nerd. Due to lockdown I decided to get on with writing my blog and catching up with friends new and old. I believe we are one world that for most of us wants to promote peace and goodwill to each other, wherever you are in the world I wish you well. I hope we connect and share our stories.

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