And now where? when universe provides.

The universe, some would believe, has the power to send you where you must go for your own good. I have been asking for this for a while now. Well, not quite asking, more akin to whining in my brain. The words of ‘I really must get my health back in check,’ being one sentence repeating, over and over. The other wish I have been whining about is wanting some intellectual conversation I can relate to. Not arguments or tense situations, or small talk about Covid, but conversations that I did not need to lead or feel I was taking over. I do talk too much sometimes. I have so much to say.

Please do not get me wrong here, It is just that recently I have refrained from talking about certain topics because I know they would not be welcomed in great detail. Bless the universe, you heard me, didn’t you?

So addressing my health first. I have been sliding on and off my healthy lifestyle, for a few months now. My mood, fuelled by the uncertainty of Covid, has not helped, and my mojo has been kicked off balance. This has been made more difficult to control by eating alone in many places and allowing back in some old eating habits. This does not happen overnight. It is a slow process.

My logical brain tells me that only I can control this, but I am beginning to wonder how external influences really can take over. Is this all about will power?

I have walked miles, done challenges, lived alone, not bought food (because I can pick needlessly), I read a book about changing my habits. Did any of this help my Mojo? – NO! ? I still went out for cheese cake.

So what was going on here? Who was kidding who? and why was I letting this happen. I do not see eating cheesecake as a treat. I know what it does to my body. There is an internal silent voice at work here, and it was not being nice to me.

I was feeling suffocated, I became obsessed with writing, I even went to our local bazar to buy canvasses and painted them all, slapping on paint in all directions. Creativity was becoming crucial to get some sense into my life. And travel was seemingly becoming more difficult.

I have an underlying food addiction, simply put, I can eat food I do not want. For example, yesterday I wanted something savoury like a handful of peanuts or a few crackers. As I browsed the supermarket shelves I noticed these items all came in big packets. Any normal person would eat just what they needed, but I would have to finish the packet. I refrained from buying the packet because of this reason. Feeling annoyed that I have been denied the small handful I wanted.

I do believe manufactures are to blame here as well. We do not need JUMBO sized snacks. This is why nationwide, we have JUMBO sized people. People like me, who have to finish the packet. (small rant over)

One of the reasons I love the healthy products from ISAGENIX is that they gives me portion control and take away temptation to eat a larger portion. However, recently over the past four months I had been allowing to build up some bad habits, One of these was, following my morning protein shake, which was full of nutrition and everything I needed, I would still go out and find a cafe for coffee and croissant. Was I hungry? of course not, did I need it? NO! Why was I doing it? I have no idea. Maybe I was bored.

Because my house is rented in Spain until the end of June, I am technically travelling. Because of the Pandemic, I am travelling close to home. My path of discovering faraway places has been restricted so you could say, I have been a little lost, close to home.

Last week I reluctantly put an add in a local facebook group saying I needed to rent somewhere to stay for a couple of months. I was biding my time, but felt like I needed some space for writing. Staying with family, however much I love them, is never ideal. I stipulated my budget and was inundated with replies.

Then the universe answered with such gusto she practically knocked me over, A voice at the end of the phone said I have one room left in a retreat in Campello. Two healthy meals per day and all the yoga and pilates you need. We can do it at the price you want to pay. Wait, my advert said nothing about my poor desperate health needs. I looked up to the sky and realised she was stepping in. I so needed some help.

So let me briefly tell you what I have landed in, quite unexpectedly because as you know, spontaneity is my thing.

Casa Chillax is in Campello. It is run by Colin and Anouk who are wonderfully welcoming.

Campello is 20 mins up the road from my family so I can be with them for my grandaughter’s birthday and for Xmas.

I have a lovely room, a small lounge, my own bathroom. Friends can visit me.

There is a library full of books and a laundry.

Breakfast and dinner is served on the terrace.

Yoga is under cover in a wide open space.

The beach and town are a ten minute walk away.

My first day. The other guests are made up of three yoga teachers and a University lecturer from the UK. all four are travellers. My day consisted of Yoga, Walking, lunch on the beach, rest, writing and dinner. The conversation was flowing, we talked about countries we all love followed by talks of art, history, Spanish war, WW1, Rome, Michael Angelo. and so on…… and on.

I fell into bed, glowing cheeks (maybe that was red wine)

Thank you Universe, I am eternally grateful. My muscles ache but I am feeling good.

I shall be writing more about Casa Chillax and Campello in the coming days, so please follow. They have some brilliant offers here. Their website is not up at the moment so be patient. I am also looking to do some horse riding lessons. There is a rescue centre nearby, lessons are only 20 Euros. Trips to Alicante too.


  1. love life coach

    it looks amazing there, and the universe does provide what you need, just when you need it. i agree with the need for some stimulating conversation. For me, I have to express that with music ! also, that self sabotage that you speak of is real , and going back to unhealthy patterns is 100% boredom & mindset ! hopefully you will get back on track with your healthy eating now you are in that wonderful place πŸ˜‰ cannot wait to hear more about the people and places that find along your journey … the fickle finger of fate will work its magic for you πŸ˜‰

    Liked by 1 person

    1. lauren staton

      Hey lovely Lady, Thanks for dropping in. I am re-connecting in mind, body and spirit. Missing you all over there. Turn the music up. We shall all be dancing soon.


  2. Anita

    I try really hard to relax and let the universe provide which is sometimes very difficult when at first it seems the path it has offered you seems very difficult and not of any benefit. When the lessons you have learned and the true destination of the path is revealed further down the line it can be intoxicating. I am also a victim of eating against my health even with all the right knowledge and considering myself to be of an acceptable level of intelligence to then still pop the offending items into my body is very frustrating! Please keep us updated on Casa Chillax and Campello and the lovely photographs are very welcome. Wishing you peace and happiness x


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