How to nurture your writing skills whilst traveling.

In 2017 I booked a trip to Thailand and spent one whole month with my head down, tapping away on a keyboard. The Andaman sea and a glorious beach was my view, from a large wooden table, in a hotel bar. During that month I managed to finish writing my second book. Thailand was only part of my travels at that time but it relaxed my mind and enabled me to let words flow. The hustle and bustle of the bar became background noise and occasionally I would look up, listen, and re-connect. I was in my perfect place.

My Thai, writing place.

Some people need to be completely alone in silence, I like to have a small amount of noise. I will even play music through my headphones, especially if I am writing poetry or a period piece.

Writing in the same place can get a bit stuffy so do try and give your surroundings some variety, My experience of writing in the silence of the impressive Melbourne library gave me an inspiring couple of hours.

Melbourne Library

If you like to work in coffee shops like me, do not outstay your welcome. I look for empty places with good wifi, Always ask if they mind you writing there. Do not sit there for two hours only ordering a bottle of water. I always order coffee and snacks and try and leave a good tip.

Some writers are early morning birds. I agree my best creations always are first thing in the morning. I am always in danger of waking up and sitting in my P’J’s with a coffee. If I do this when I am travelling I try and avoid this. I wake, clear my head, maybe take in a walk and my new surroundings. I will find a coffee shop and often people watch for half an hour as I build material in my head. If I am writing about where I am staying, I will try and spend a couple of days searching for an angle on a place.

Anyone can write information about a town, a city or a tourist attraction, you only have to look in your search engine for the local tour guide. Look for experiences and then write what you feel. You can learn so much more about a place by watching the inhabitants go about their daily lives. Push yourself to take a break and then strike up conversation with people where possible. You never know who you are going to meet. I have met some amazing people from all walks of life and all with stories to tell, good and bad. That is the great thing about travelling, whether you are a novelist, blogger or just love posting on social media, keep your eyes open, take every experience as a positive one especially if it whirls up your emotions. It is how we feel that fuels the words we write so practise that awareness.

It does not matter if you are not consistent, (Unless you of course have a deadline) If you are looking for true creativity, allow it to come. If you wake in the middle of the night with a great idea, get up and write it down, If you have a bit of word block, take a day off and go searching for inspiration.

Stories will find you.


  1. Anita

    My deam life….I have managed this is very small doses, writing a journal etc on my travels but a whole month in such surroundings would be heaven indeed. Thank you for sharing.


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