Spiderfly Poets from under the tree

Sitting together all were there,

draped in shadows from acacia branches.

Africa is where they meet, where the afternoon sun wraps its comforting rays around all who ask their questions.

I am so drained of energy cried mistrust, as she kicked the dust, and dreamed up words to make sure she was heard,

There, there said compassion, I understand neither, but I am sure I can make you feel better if I turn around your words. and help you see what you want to see.

Truth was put out and sat next to Pointless. What a sorrowful pair, as one shook their head and the other shrugged shoulders.

Love was perturbed, I am always misheard, I am really just nothing I cannot be judged, neither bought or manipulated, neither chained or commanded, but I am told I am everything.

Huh said resentment and could not look pointless in the face. What does compassion know? he has not been so hurt as me.

Compassion smiled to the contrary, I have been hurt more and I listened to my teacher, then given a certificate and a huge pot of gold and you now care to judge me and how I choose to spend it.

Love shone in the corner as always and all wanted to be in his light.

Aha Respect, you are late for this meeting. Respect glided under the branchesI have bought my friend, I had to wait. This is Freedom and we always walk slowly together.

Love rose up and bade farewell, don’t call me. I’ll call you.

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