Day 20 Walking and wellness challenge

The number 20 denotes one who has infinite potential when it comes to relationships or diplomacy.

I also read that this number helps to bring projects to completion although we have another 10 days to go, we are two thirds towards the end. I hope by now you are already experiencing a new habit, a good and powerful one maybe.

I feel in a poetic mood today. I used to write a poem every day. This helped me off-load some thoughts that needed a little clarity. Sometimes we feel there are things we do not understand. In fact I wrote a series of poems that tried to explain that need. If you have ever read any of my stuff, look for my poems with the word Moontox. Confused haha, you will be.

For day 20 you need some patience, that is where diplomacy comes in. Some words are best not said in certain places. Some words can only be expressed only where people are ready to accept them.

I have felt judged lately, is it something in the air or just something I said?

Well anyway, in my experience, when you feel like that, you need to offload somewhere. Please have some patience, with others and with yourself on day 20. It is a beautiful day, and a good walk can produce all the serotonin you need to get you to the next level.

We sat and watched the sunset last night. Ibiza has some of the best, However it is the same sun setting all over the world. It is how we view it that makes the difference. We should search for the right setting, The same as words. It is not what you say but how and when you say them. It is also not the thoughts you have that determine who you are, but how you react and use them,

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