Day 16, walking and wellness challenge.

I am posting this early as I will be on a ferry to Ibiza tomorrow morning. Excited about walking some new paths. Nothing organised so anything can happen.

What is day 16 going to bring us?

The number 16 denotes one who seeks wisdom in the attempt to learn enough to both teach and help others.

Straight away I am reminded about my Isagenix business and what it has brought me. Working with a team of unique individuals I can only shout out that they all have one thing in common. The desire to learn as much about good health and share it to help others achieve the maximum health possible. I just love being part of this business.

So for day 16 I am going to be grateful to my friends and colleagues who give out so much love and support. You all know who you are.

Who will you be grateful for today, Who is your Inspiration. Perhaps it is time to let them know.

Photo by Karolina Grabowska on

If you want to know more about Isagenix, send me a message.

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