Feeling Lucky? The number 13 is not only an unlucky number.

The numerology number 13 resonates with pragmatism and building a secure foundation. Although the number 13 is able to express itself creatively, practicality is more important to it. … It tends to determine the way to accomplish something without relying on others to make its decisions.

Photo by Anna Shvets on Pexels.com

I have never been that superstitious, have you? although booking a flight on Friday 13th, would set some doubt in my decision to fly. Yet people have been fascinated by superstition for thousands of years. My grandmother would always be throwing salt over her shoulder.

Anyhow today I feel lucky, lucky that all my plans are going to come to fruition, unlike last week when Covid changed all my travel plans again and sent me back to a feeling of uncertainty. Actually it has nothing to do with luck. It is all to do with practicality and my determination to accomplish what I want to do.

I have become very good at talking myself out of doing things lately and most of this has to do with a niggle in the back of my mind constantly trying to tell me not to go anywhere incase………. Not to book something incase it gets cancelled. Not to make any plans incase Covid cases rise, incase I get stuck somewhere, Incase further restrictions occur. I am becoming that person whom I always tried to not become and outside influences are to blame.

So I am taking a deep breath and today I am pressing that button


This time next week I shall be in Ibiza and it is nothing to do with Luck.

Photo by Sebastian Coman Photography on Pexels.com

What have you talked yourself out of doing lately? Think about this on your walk today. How justified has your action been?

Look out for the number 13 today, Maybe by chance you will think of something you would like to accomplish.

Have a great day.


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