Day nine, walking and wellness challenge.

9 relates to wisdom and responsibility, and the ultimate goal of the number 9 is to serve humanity. 

How responsible do you feel for your own health? This is an issue I have always thought a lot about. Especially now in these troubled time when health care is in such a demand.

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I think back to the years that I smoked cigarettes knowing that they were bad for me. Irresponsibly I was taking a risk with my health and a risk on my children’s health. This risk could also lead to a burden on an overstretched health service.

My diet also should have been a concern, well actually it was but only because I wanted to wear nicer clothes. It wasn’t until my health started to suffer that I woke up to the reality. I was being irresponsible and I had the ability to take control. As I learned more about nutrition I observed others. I worried about my Kids more. ‘Please give up smoking, Get more Sleep, don’t drink so much, Come for a walk, Please don’t ask me to go to McDonalds. And don’t expect a magic pill when your body says ENOUGH! I was also becoming a bore.

When people start lecturing you about everything, the normal reaction is to close your ears and do the opposite.

Be responsible by setting an example but do not lecture. If you want the penny to drop, be kind. Show people how your life is so much better. You do not need to ram it down them. Start with yourself.

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Be responsible for you and hopefully the rest will follow.

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