Day 8 Walking and Wellness Challenge.

Every day I look for a meaning of the number of our walk, to attach a subject for mindfulness. It has become one of my own separate challenges. Today as I look for number EIGHT, I find nothing that feels inspiring.

Eight rhymes with Late, I reluctantly joke with myself. Thinking about rhymes, I turn to a children’s nursery rhyme. 7 and 8, Lay then Straight

Ah ha. Straighten up and put your life in order. Start de cluttering and do those jobs you keep on putting off.

Do you really want to think of those jobs as you walk through the countryside, taking in the air and the sounds of nature. Hold that thought!

Imagine how you will feel later when you have crossed off some of those tasks you have buried and secretly hoped someone else may have sorted them. For me it is all the legal stuff I need to address, Make a new will, sort out some life insurance, Six months ago I lost a document I really should get replaced. I will need it someday. Because I do not need it right now, I put the task off.

Doing some of these tasks will lighten my load, help me sleep soundly, Even though they are in the back of my mind it would feel nice to be de cluttered.

Maybe you have other tasks you have been putting off, Think about calling somebody you have not spoken to in a while, Clear out the junk cupboard or the garage. Take all the books you will never read again to the charity store.

Day Eight, Lay them Straight.

Enjoy your walk and please let me know how you are doing.

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