FEeling Lucky? it is day seven of our walking and wellness challenge.

You are not lucky, you are here because of your determination, Number 7 signifies more than luck.

Number seven is one of those figures. It symbolises every positive and valuable matter in existence like prosper life, happiness, renewal, and perfection. Some numerologist even believes that number seven is so perfect and powerful that it represents a connection to the universe.

Your Motivation, how are you incorporating this into your walk.

I should like to focus on the word RENEWAL and Perfection. Know that you are already perfect and to renew is to refresh.

There is nothing like a good healthy walk to get you feeling renewed.

So seven days, it is only a week but I love your comments that are beginning to show up. How about sending some of your pics?

Are you walking alone or with friends? How about taking a picnic with you to make your walking more of an event. We often make salad jars, you can get so much into a jam jar. Add seeds and nuts for some extra energy.

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