circle of want – poem

The circle of want has bent on the side,

The people cling on and are trying to hide,

Their need is a force and now justification,

to sway us from reason and clarification.

The rules will confine and there is a grey line,

and the people that whine will lose all their trust,

so they want to jump ship and the sea will just swallow,

to green murky slime that will turn them to dust.

So breathe good fresh air and look to the sky,

the man with some muscle will nod and look sly,

the circle of want is questioned by greed,

it is not for the caring to help you to lead.

Out of a storm, the learned have learnt,

those who can’t hear will only get burnt,

solid foundations sincere and are straight,

slowly and strong they will swing on the gate.

If you enjoyed this poem, please think about buying me a coffee. It is for a good cause.

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