It took just a little sunshine. what would it take you, to up sticks?

Why did you move to Spain? A question I have been asked more than I have had hot dinners, or should I now say Tapas

I often replied, ‘

“Because I could”

To be honest, I was running away from a relationship that had gone sour and I wanted a sunnier environment to bring my kids up in. I had this notion that I wanted them to be European. Brexit seems to have quashed that notion to an extent but if you have determination, all it takes is your desire to make the move.

I really have no regrets and I would do it all again, Brexit or no Brexit. My kids have benefited but we are a family footloose and fancy free and this lifestyle may not be for you if you are not the type to jump out of your comfort zone and take risks.

If you are thinking of moving from safety-ville and want to step into where the grass is always greener then you may need to be a little reckless in your nature.

Years ago when my friend asked my opinion on whether she should move to France, She commented that I was the only person who said,

‘Well you can always come back if you do not like it”

All her other friends had warned her against it but she took my advice anyway. She just needed one person to agree with her because she wanted to take the risk. She never went back and has since moved from France and now lives in Canada.

Ok, so this risky business stuff does not mean you are being totally irresponsible. It means a lot more. You look at adventures in a hasty way, living your life out of your safety net, which quite honestly to some of us can get a bit scratchy around the elbows. Do not be ashamed, we are not all great planners, some of us just jump in before we have time to change our minds. Let me say here that mistakes WILL be made so be prepared to shrug and say “Just look at that sunshine”

But your kids will miss their friends and their education will get messed up, and you will not get a job that pays so well and god forbid what if you get sick?

Yeah, yeah, yeah, So twenty years of being out of Blighty and I can answer all of the above points.

  1. My kids made a heap of new friends from various nationalities. It gave them an understanding of other cultures. There is a term TCK (Third Culture Kids) to describe Kids living within other cultures. I have seen the benefits my children have received. It is not alway easy for them but all three are now bilingual, all love travelling and are not afraid to venture out into the global community and take what is offered to them.
  2. I was lucky that I did not need to find a job but I did have a property that gave me an income. My home was sold in England so I was able to get a larger home in Spain for the same money. This was able to provide me with some rental income so in theory I was able to turn my bricks and mortar into some cash. This put food on our table, It also freed me up to explore other earning potential.
  3. Living in Spain where we have the healthiest diet can only be beneficial. I hardly go to the doctor because I take care of my health. However if I do get really sick we have a health service here that is superb. My daughter has a kidney problem and she received the best care. Now that I live alone I have my own medical insurance which allows me to have peace of mind.

There are many discussion points you could cover and I do recommend doing your homework but would I go back to Blighty? I have no reason to yet, but who knows. My future is always a mystery but I like it like that. For now I am living in the moment and still enjoying the ride.

Due to Covid19 and Brexit there has been a lot of uncertainty however, with interest rates very low and a surplus of property on the market, This maybe a time to think that there is more than just the glorious sunshine on offer in Spain.

NOW is a good time to start thinking about making the move you have been dreaming about. The decision is yours and if you do make the move, Give me a call.

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Just came across this little gem, and ideal place in the centre of the Jalon Valley. Walking distance to shops, banks, bars and restaurants. Not far from river. Beaches 15/20 mins. I am going to rent this for over a month before I venture out to Turkey. It is on the market for 115 Euros about $135 565. perfect for holiday rentals or a second home in Spain. Maybe a first home. One of those places that feel nice when you walk in. No agency so give me a call and I will put you in touch with the owners.

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