Fluffy Bird

this nonsense has been so absurd

remember the yellow fluffy bird

the one that led a merry dance

and then for two months went to France.

the hatter stuck his stick in the ground

and with piercing eyes, he looked around

a circus ring in one big tent

to where the mad have now been sent

bring on the bees they are the clowns

and foolish actions let them down

they were not spies just keeping stum

they ran to the sound of the freedom drum

the frog stood proud his stake was bare

for it was never really there

so they gave him a hat, a coat and a whip

a ringleader he with a hop and a skip,

but the show is now over

the curtain had dropped

and all the ideas

are about to go flop

can he keep up his chin

as the crow swoops in

there s a butterfly ball

it will happen in spring

it will flip and then flop

but it will never stop

till the ego, it feeds on

gets caught in the mop

and starved of attention is the only cure

and that’s when the frog will hop out the door

so the bees and the wolf now the spider as well

all met on the sand to break the spell

the power of love and a friendship now broken

are all now set free and words can be spoken

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