What is Noise?

What is noise, if not a series of interruptions?

What is silence if it cannot be broken?

Corruption of thought, stirred until eyes screwed,

straining to make sense to hear,

The head is tilted, a noise consistent,


A droning,

A bell ringing,

A pitch of petulance,


.A dog in pain.

A radio of Indian composition stretching the airwaves for clarity.

A promise not sustained.

An unreturned message.

A meeting missed again.

Louder repetitive work as walking to the endlessness of nonentity.

And the noise gets louder and screws

with the silence of contemplation.

Words tumble and lay – mishaps ensue,

sunken to the deep gasping for breath.

The final day to bring it all together,

The intrusion of doubt.

Rings at the gate.

Demanding to be heard

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